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    Aug. 4, 2011

    Visiting the Kawela Bay on Oahu

    Kawela Bay is remote beach situated nearby to the Turtle Bay Resort at Oahu. Most tourists don’t know about this beach because it is difficult to locate. You can see the beach if you stay at Turtle Bay Resort. An alternative way to locate the beach is to park along the highway. At the back of the beach, there are many trees so you have to walk through them in order to see it. The water at Kawela Bay is slightly cloudy because of the water running from the nearby stream. Despite that, many people have gone snorkeling at the Kawela Bay.

    Kawela Bay is a great beach for people who want to go swimming in calm ocean water. You can take a stroll along the Kawela Bay and have some quiet time. Kawela Bay has a narrow shoreline. It is surrounded by lush tropical forest. The backdrops of the beach are ironwood trees and coconut palm trees. It is a protected beach on the north Oahu because of the reef. The reef protected the ocean from high waves in the winter months. Unlike other beaches on the north Oahu, the water of Kawela Bay is free from strong current throughout the year.

    There are many rocks at the bay so you must be careful. The center parts as well as the west part have lesser rocks. There are a small number of patch reefs at the Kawela Bay. There are many surf sites at the outer reef. There used to be houses along the Kawela Bay. However, the residents are asked to move to the center region because of a plan to build a resort. The resort remained undeveloped up to today. Kawela Bay has no facility and lifeguard. If you want to go to Kawela Bay, you can follow the trail from Turtle Bay Resort. It takes about 20 minutes to reach Kawela Bay.

    The Kawela Bay Beach Park is not well developed. Most of the coastal features of Kawela Bay cannot be seen from the Kamehameha Highway. You can easily access the beach park from the shore. To the east of Kawela Bay is the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge. James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge offers a great wetland habitat. The Hukilau Beach is also near to the Kawela Bay. Kawela Bay along with other nearby regions such as Turtle Bay and Kuilima has a postal code of 96732. The Opana Radar Site is located inland from the Kawela Bay. Opana Radar Site is a historic landmark but the public cannot visit it. 

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