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    Aug. 4, 2011

    Information about Diamond Head Coast

    Diamond Head Coast is located within proximity from the Diamond Head Coast. Several homes are located nearby to the Diamond Head Coast. Most of the homes are protected by the Hawaii State. If you want to travel here, you can take the Kalakaua Avenue. After you see the stop sign, you should turn right into Diamond Head Coast. Diamond Head is a volcano crater formed about 4,000,000 years ago. It is a dormant volcano so it is unlikely to erupt again in the future. The signature of Diamond Head can be seen in the Koolau Mountain Range. It can also be seen in the Waianae mountain chains. The Koolau and Waianae mountains protect the island from the northwestern trade winds. The northwestern trade wind is responsible for bringing rain to the windward side.

    The clouds are forced to rain down the precipitation on the windward side before reaching the leeward side. This ensures that the island is sunny and warm all the time. The beautiful scenery of the Diamond Head Coast causes many high-end residences to be built. Diamond Head real estate community is one of the most valuable real estate communities on Oahu. The homes are built along the coastline and nearby the mountains that overlook the Diamond Head coast. The advantage of staying at the Diamond Head is that you get to view the beautiful Pacific Ocean at all time. Diamond Head volcano crater is a popular tourist attraction in Oahu.

    If you want to swim at the Diamond Head , you should pay attention to the bad weather. You should only swim at approved beaches that are supervised by lifeguards. The lava rocks at the beach are fragile. If you want to hike along the Diamond Head Coast, you can take the approved trail. When hiking the trail, you should not wander away into unknown trail. If you happen to be at the Diamond Head Coast, you should visit the Diamond Head crater. You will have to hike the Diamond Head Trail to reach the summit. Once you climb to the summit of the Diamond Head crater, you can get a clear view of the west side of the Oahu Island. You will be able to see the area from Waikiki to Koki Head. When going to the Diamond Head crater, you must remember to bring water and torchlight. Bathrooms can be found at the beginning of the trailhead. 

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